"My daughter's wedding reception at The Majestic Theatre was beautiful and classy. My family and friends gushed over how wonderful it was, what I super job I did! The truth is, it was perfect because of Jenni Grubba. She was the person who created our magical night.

Right from the start, Jenni instilled in me a sense of confidence that this was going to be the best party ever. She told me to come to her with any questions or concerns. "I've got this," she said. She had included in our Introduction Packet, names of a top caterer, professional photographers, DJ/MC, along with wonderful ideas and pictures for decorating the theatre. Because the wedding date was over a holiday weekend, finding a florist was tricky. After talking with several different ones with no results, I contacted Jenni. By the end of the day, Jenni had located an experienced florist and had an appointment set up for the three of us to meet.

Throughout the months and weeks leading up to the wedding date, Jenni kept in touch via email and with monthly face-to-face check in. She was always organized, efficient, and ahead of schedule. She knew exactly what needed to be done and who could provide the various services or rentals. She knew little details that would make the reception personal and elegant. This was the first wedding I was planning and there were many details that needed to be address. I cannot tell you how much her attention to details meant to me.

The actual wedding reception was amazing! Jenni herself picked up necessary items from my house the day prior. She then set up the entire theater. When the wedding party and guests arrived, everything was in place. The transformation of the theater into an elegant wedding party was amazing.  Jenni was very professional, overseeing the staff and making sure the flow of the party continued without hitches.  I could relax and enjoy my daughter's wedding with the rest of my family and friends.

Both my husband and I were more than just pleased with the reception. Now, months later, I am still telling people that this wonderful woman named Jenni Grubba was the magic maker. Few people can say that a wedding was stress free and perfect. I am one of those lucky ones and I have Jenni G. to thank for it. She is an amazing woman and event planner. You are very fortunate to work with her. You are in extremely capable hands."

- Maria Weber