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Camp Campbell Wedding
Jenni is the truly the most amazing wedding planner, I could not imagine putting my very complex wedding in the hands of anyone else and having it go has smoothly as it went. I very highly recommend you book her ASAP because she will make your wildest wedding dreams come true. My husband and I wanted a festival wedding in the woods for three full days so its safe to say there were a lot of moving parts and complexities involved in planning. Jenni got our vision from the very beginning and worked hard to make it happen exactly the way we wanted it to. All of her vendors are amazing and easy to work with which is important in the process. When it came to the wedding weekend, she worked incredibly hard to make sure everything was in it’s place and all the pieces flowed smoothly. She even ran after my flower girl to help her take her shoes off before she walked down the aisle which avoided a possible flower girl melt down. She addressed issues quickly as they came up and even reminded me multiple times to eat and drink water, which trust me, you’ll need the reminder. She also designed the place settings which were stunning, and even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Throughout the weekend she had a positive attitude which helped me feel at ease and most importantly, I felt that I could completely trust my special weekend in her hands. I very rarely like to use this word but honestly my wedding was perfect, and so much of that is thanks to Jenni. Beyond being incredibly good at what she does, she’s an all around awesome and fun person to be around and both my husband and I now consider her a friend. You’ll be incredibly lucky if you get her as your planner!
— G+J
If you’re reading endless reviews searching for a wedding planner that is intelligent, hard-working, tasteful, organized, funny, and an all-around great human being that will make your wedding unforgettably seamless and stress free - well, meet Jenni. My wife and I hired Jenni for full-service wedding planning one month after our engagement. We found her on a wedding website along with a few other planners with strong reputations. We reached out to all planners at the same time. Who was the first to respond? Of course, Jenni. This initial experience is a micro-chasm of who Jenni is. She has her **** together and pro-actively makes things happen. That what you need in a wedding planner. We knew immediately she was exactly what we were looking for. I won’t go into the hairy details, but like many weddings we experienced some unexpected problems the week of. Whereas if we had hired another planner or done things on our own we’d be drowning in anxiety and stress…Jenni simply took care of things. Quietly, professionally, and always with our best interests first. Her ability to navigate stressful or unexpected situations with a collected and calm mind brought peace to us. Jenni allowed us to focus on what actually matters - marrying the one you love and celebrating the moment with people who love you. We give Jenni a whole-hearted, 100% recommendation. Getting married is a deeply personal, intimate, exciting, and scary life event. When you make the leap, you will never regret having someone like Jenni at your side.
— M+J
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Jenni was absolutely fantastic! We could not have pulled off our wedding weekend without her. She helped us with all aspects of the planning, and took care of all of our flowers and decorations for a very reasonable price! She was available whenever we needed to talk to her about planning, and has an incredible taste for decorations. She took care of all of the minor details, and truly gave us the ability to not stress and to enjoy our wedding. She went above and beyond with the floral and decorations. I even caught her foraging around the venue (in Yosemite) to find native wildflowers as decorations, which I absolutely loved! She was so wonderful and we miss working with her already. We couldn’t ask for a better planner/florist who is so organized, caring and down to earth. She was the best!
— E+J
Jenni was the wedding planner for our son’s wedding on September 15, 2018 at a sprawling outdoor venue near Half Moon Bay, California. She was phenomenal! The wedding was an entire weekend of celebration and the wedding day included 4 events in 4 separate locations at the large venue. Each portion of the wedding celebration was absolutely lovely and came off without a single glitch. Jenni was on site from early morning until late at night doing anything and everything to help, in addition to coordinating every detail. Her calm demeanor and superb management skills were so very reassuring for all of us involved in the wedding. I cannot say enough for Jenni’s skills as a wedding planner and as an all-around charming person. She was an absolute delight and I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!!
— D
We were referred to Jenni by our wedding venue, and we’re so glad we went with her. Jenni’s knowledge of the venue was so impressive and her relationships with the other vendors made everything so much easier. We found her tools during the planning process to be invaluable and looked forward to our phone dates. She had great ideas and at the same time always listened to our vision and worked with us to make it happen. And when the weekend came - we felt 300% supported. Honestly we didn’t lift a finger. The execution was flawless and the weekend so seamless - it was magical. I won’t pretend for a second that Jenni and her team weren’t a HUGE reason for that. It was one of the best decisions we made to have them there. We felt so taken care of. We’re still buzzing about the weekend and so grateful for Jenni. Wish we were going to move back to Oakland already so we could hang out - an added bonus is that she’s a great person and a ton of fun.
— R+T
We hired Jenni to do our month of coordination, decorations and flowers and couldn’t have been happier with her services. She worked with us throughout the entire process, always open to our questions and providing quick and thoughtful inputs to keep things moving and ensuring time/energy wasn’t wasted. We always trusted that she would excel on the day of, but she BUSTED HER ASS! She brought our vision to life in a way that I can only describe as magical. We are forever grateful for her support, positive attitude and ability to just get shit done. Because of her we were able to stay in the moment and enjoy our day without stress or worry. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you Jenni!
— G+J
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When I saw photos of my wedding, I thought “wow, we have good taste.” But let’s be real, it’s Jenni who has good taste. We needed help planning an SF wedding while living on the East Coast so it was really important to me to find someone who we could trust with every decision, and Jenni was exactly the right person. She has her finger on the pulse of the Bay Area wedding world, but she also brought plenty of fresh ideas and a good eye for design. We went with the full package and it was 100% worth it because it quelled all the nerves I had about planning.

Jenni also connected us with an A++ photographer and caterer, and she did our flowers. It was gorgeous!
— T+C
Jenni was absolutely amazing! We had a 175-person wedding at Gallery 308 in Fort Mason. There were things we knew we could handle on our own, but things like venue insurance, hiring and coordinating rentals for two locations, creating a timeline for the weekend, and coordinating all the vendors the weekend of seemed over our heads. Jenni dealt with all of it and we couldn’t have done it without her. Plus she is a joy of a person to work with!
— C+J

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